Works with the following instruments

TPS 3500

For testing the extreme

When samples are small and high-conducting, the Hot Disk TPS 3500 is the ideal instrument for testing their thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat. The capabilities of TPS 3500 go well beyond that of any other Hot Disk instrument to date, while retaining the documented precision of all TPS thermal conductivity meters. It meets ISO 22007-2.

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TPS 2500 S

The benchmark instrument

The Hot Disk TPS 2500 S is the core instrument in the system portfolio of Hot Disk AB. This general-purpose R&D thermal conductivity meter is designed for precision analysis of thermal transport properties of materials of any type. It is a capital research instrument and meets ISO 22007-2.

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TPS 2200

For day-to-day testing

The Hot Disk TPS 2200 is an affordable option when performance and price are both in consideration. It tackles a good range of sample types and it is suitable for day-to-day testing in any laboratory with a focus on material science. The TPS 2200 meets ISO 22007-2.

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TPS 1500

For heavy-duty testing

The affordable Hot Disk TPS 1500 is the ideal thermal conductivity meter for testing building materials, insulation materials or any other type of large bulk samples. The TPS 1500 shares the sterling quality, robustness and operative simplicity of the benchmark TPS 2500 S and meets ISO Standard 22007-2.

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