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Welcome to the publications portal offered by Hot Disk AB as a free resource.

Here you will find a regularly updated list of peer-reviewed scientific papers. All concern studies involving the benchmark TPS method and its dedicated Hot Disk® instrumentation. They cover a full spectrum of applications and measurement scenarios. Simply enter your keyword searches in the field below, and browse results. Links to full-text abstracts and articles are given whenever available.

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On 25 March 2022, we added some 900 publications to our current database, published during the year 2021, where Hot Disk® instruments have been employed. We are proud of our technology’s deep impact in the scientific and industrial worlds, especially of our instruments’ versatility in readily tackling ever-new, topical and challenging applications.

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Sucrose-Based Carbon Foams with Enhanced Thermal Conductivity (2016)

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Industrial Crops and Products, Volume 89, 30 October 2016, Pages 498-506


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