Testing highly thermal conductive slab or sheet samples

Using the Slab Measurement Module, wafers, sheets or slabs of high-conductivity materials can be tested.

Among the samples suitable for testing with this method we find e.g. metals, semi-conductors and graphite. With prior knowledge of the sample thickness, this method requires only measurement time and output power as in-data, making it very easy and straightforward to work with.

The Slab Measurement Module requires two sample halves for accurate measurements.


Thermal Conductivity Range:

Instruments Range
TPS 3500, TPS 2500 S 1* to 1500 W/m/K
TPS 2200, TPS 1000 1* to 500 W/m/K
TPS 500 S 1* to 200 W/m/K

* To achieve maximum accuracy a minimum of 5 W/m/K is required, however, reproducibility will still be good down to 1 W/m/K.