All-round testing of bulk samples

The powerful Isotropic Measurement Module allows the Hot Disk user to measure the Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, Thermal Effusivity and Specific Heat Capacity of any isotropic bulk sample, whether a solid, liquid, powder, paste or foam.

The thermal conductivity measured using this module is the geometrical mean value of the thermal conductivity in the probed sample volume. Working with the Isotropic module is straightforward, and requires only a minimum of input parameters. Even a sample of unknown material properties can quickly be tested and analysed.

The Isotropic Measurement Module features both single- and double-sided sample testing.


Thermal Conductivity Range:

Instruments Range
TPS 3500, TPS 2500 S, TPS 2200, TPS 1000 0.03 to 500 W/m/K
TPS 1500 0.03 to 50 W/m/K
TPS 500 S, TPS 500 0.03 to 100 W/m/K
Hot Disk M1 0.03 to 40 W/m/K