For the small-scale lab

This economical instrument condenses the powerful TPS technology with elegant analysis software, arguably resulting in the simplest-to-use thermal conductivity testing apparatus on the market.

The TPS 500 S measures the thermal transport properties of solids, pastes, gels and powders and encompasses similar accuracy and sample size flexibility as the benchmark TPS 2500 S and workhorse TPS 1500 (the latter two instruments are designed according to ISO 22007-2).

Hot Disk users now number over 1000 world-wide. They appreciate the TPS technique for its unmatched measurement capability, together with its ease-of-use and simple sample preparation. The operative simplicity of the TPS 500 S and the performance achieved when using Hot Disk sensors, makes the instrument uniquely suitable for QC testing.

The test & analysis software for the TPS 500 S system incorporates tools for automated measurements as well as automatic temperature control of external devices. The software also incorporates tools for exporting results to third-party software (MS Excel), for additional processing or statistical analysis.

TPS 500 and 500 S Specifications

Thermal Conductivity 0.03 to 100 W/m/K.

5 to 200 W/m/K using slab or one-dimensional methods.*

Thermal Diffusivity 0.02 to 40 mm²/s.

2 to 100 mm²/s using slab or one-dimensional methods.*

Thermal Effusivity 40 to 20000 W√s/m²/K.

40 to 25000 W√s/m²/K.*

Specific Heat Capacity Up to 5 MJ/m³/K.
Measurement Time 2.5 to 2560 seconds.
Reproducibility 2 % (thermal conductivity).
10 % (thermal diffusivity, sensor radius 6.4 mm).
12 % (specific heat per unit volume, sensor radius 6.4 mm)
Accuracy Better than 5 % (thermal conductivity).
Temperature Range -100 °C to 200 (300*) °C.
Core Instrument Ambient
With Oven Up to 200 (300*) °C
With Circulator -35 °C to 200 °C.
Power Requirements Adjusted to the line voltage in the country of use.
Smallest Sample
3 mm × 13 mm diameter or square for bulk testing.

2 mm × 8 mm diameter or square for bulk testing.*

0.1 mm × 12 mm diameter or square for slab testing.*

10 mm × 5 mm diameter or square for one-dimensional testing.*

Sensor Types Available Kapton sensors: 7577*, 5465, 5501.

Teflon sensors: 7577*, 5465, 5501.

Similar to ISO Standard 22007-2.

* Only valid for TPS 500 S