For testing the extreme

In addition, the TPS 3500 is a general-purpose R&D instrument capable of analysing thermal transport properties of any kind of solid or liquid. Solids suitable for testing with a TPS 3500 can be dense, porous or in powder form, isotropic or anisotropic, conducting or insulating, transparent or opaque. Liquids can be thick and sticky, low viscosity solvents or anything in between.

As a badge of reliability the new TPS 3500 meets ISO 22007-2 and utilizes Hot Disk’s classic double spiral sensors for maximum accuracy. All this is achieved without the use of contact fluids, light-absorbing sample surfaces or fixed sample geometries.

Each Hot Disk TPS 3500 is tailored according to application specifications and can be paired with a selection of temperature control accessories. To guarantee best possible performance, the controlling software is continuously updated and improved. Most accessories are also available for rapid acquisition.

Key features

Sensors: The TPS 3500 operates a wide variety of Hot Disk sensors. With sensor radius from 0.5 mm up to 30 mm the instrument is suitable for all kinds of materials and applications. Multiple sensors can be connected using an automatic sensor switcher. With sensor radius from 0.5 mm up to 30 mm the instrument is suitable for all kinds of materials and applications.

Temperature Control: Automatic Temperature series measurements (Isothermal Steps) are easy to perform using either an optional external Furnace or a temperature-controlled Circulating Bath. These external devices can be directly controlled through the Hot Disk Thermal Analyser software to ensure ease of use.

Everything to get you started: The basic TPS 3500 setup includes everything you need to begin making measurements. The system includes: Hot Disk TPS 3500 instrument; Isotropic, One-dimensional and Structural Probe measurement modules; a Sensor; Insulating Support-Material for Single-Sided testing; Stainless Steel Verification Samples and Room-Temperature Sample Holder.

Optional Software Modules: In addition to the standard ISOTROPIC, ONE-DIMENSIONAL and STRUCTURAL PROBE MODULES, optional software modules for SLAB, THIN FILM, ANISOTROPIC, SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITY and LOW-DENSITY, HIGHLY-INSULATING SAMPLES are available.

TPS 3500 Specifications

Thermal Conductivity 0.005 to 1800 W/m/K.
Thermal Diffusivity 0.01 to 1200 mm²/s.
Thermal Effusivity 20 to 55000 W√s/m²/K.
Specific Heat Capacity Up to 5 MJ/m³/K.
Measurement Time 0.1 to 2560 seconds.
Reproducibility Typically better than 1 %.
Accuracy Better than 5 %.
Temperature Range -253 °C (20 K) to 1000 °C.
Core Instrument Ambient
With Furnace Up to 750 °C (1000 °C oxygen-free environment).
With Circulator -35 °C to 200 °C.
Power Requirements Adjusted to the line voltage in the country of use.
Smallest Sample Dimensions 0.5 mm × 2 mm diameter or square for bulk testing.

0.042 mm × 8 mm diameter or square for slab testing.

5 mm × 2.5 mm diameter or square for one-dimensional testing.

0.01 mm × 22 mm diameter or square for thin-film testing.

Meets ISO Standard 22007-2.