The benchmark instrument

The Hot Disk TPS 2500 S is the flagship instrument in the system portfolio of Hot Disk AB. This general-purpose R&D instrument is designed for precision analysis of thermal transport properties – including thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity. The TPS 2500 S covers an extensive range of materials of various geometries and dimensions, and meets ISO Standard 22007-2.

The standardized TPS technique – today used in more than 1000 laboratories – is highly appreciated for its ability to simultaneously determine thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity from a single measurement, with limited emphasis on sample preparation. The operative simplicity of the TPS 2500 S and the performance achieved when using optimally designed Hot Disk sensors, makes this system an ideal, trustworthy tool for tests of solids, liquids, powders, pastes and foams. The trademark high accuracy and precision also makes the instrument suitable for QC testing.

The selection of software modules allows the TPS 2500 S to be used in many specialized applications, from basic testing of isotropic materials (Isotropic module) to measurements of rod-shaped specimens (One-dimensional module); thin films, coatings or adhesive layers (Thin Film module); high-conducting sheets or slabs (Slab module); extremely light and low-conducting materials (Low-density/Highly-insulating module); and anisotropic samples or layered structures (Anisotropic module) – all important applications in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, nuclear and chemical industries. Furthermore, with the unique feature of being able to probe thermal conductivity as a function of sample depth (Structural Probe module), the TPS 2500 S can e.g. be used to determine whether a sample is homogeneous or not. In addition to these applications the TPS 2500 S can also be employed for dedicated specific heat capacity testing of large (compared to conventional methods, e.g. DSC) solid samples, such as complex composites.

The Hot Disk Thermal Analyser software for the TPS 2500 S system incorporates tools for automated measurements as well as automatic temperature control of external devices. It also incorporates tools for exporting results to 3rd-party software (MS Excel), for additional processing or statistical analysis. For precise and automatic temperature readings an optional PT-100 temperature sensor is available.

TPS 2500 S Specifications

Thermal Conductivity 0.005 to 1800 W/m/K.
Thermal Diffusivity 0.01 to 1200 mm²/s.
Thermal Effusivity 20 to 55000 W√s/m²/K.
Specific Heat Capacity Up to 5 MJ/m³/K.
Measurement Time 1 to 2560 seconds.
Reproducibility Typically better than 1 %.
Accuracy Better than 5 %.
Temperature Range -253 °C (20 K) to 1000 °C.
Core Instrument Ambient
With Furnace Up to 750 °C (1000 °C oxygen-free environment).
With Circulator -35 °C to 200 °C.
Power Requirements Adjusted to the line voltage in the country of use.
Smallest Sample Dimensions 0.5 mm × 2 mm diameter or square for bulk testing.

0.042 mm × 8 mm diameter or square for slab testing.

5 mm × 2.5 mm diameter or square for one-dimensional testing.

0.01 mm × 22 mm diameter or square for thin-film testing.

Meets ISO Standard 22007-2.