For the slim budget

The Hot Disk M1 can test thermal conductivity and diffusivity of modestly sized isotropic samples, with a minimum diameter (or square) of 40 mm and a thickness of at least 10 + 10 mm. Larger samples are easily tackled without any further preparations than one plane surface on each of the two sample specimens, to sandwich the sensor between. It is also possible to test single sample pieces using an insulating sensor support.

The Hot Disk M1 is controlled from the same powerful Windows based software used for Hot Disk’s more advanced instruments. This gives access to in-depth data analysis not commonly seen for instruments in this class. Optionally, the Hot Disk M1 can be operated via a wireless connection through a RS-232 to WiFi adapter, allowing maximum portability. The M1 constitutes a complete package with the core M1 unit, a Hot Disk Kapton sensor (#8563, radius 9.9 mm), sample holder, verification samples of stainless steel and Windows software. Additional WiFi accessory is now available upon request.

The simplicity of the M1 device and the quick-start guide makes it possible to begin measurements within minutes. To further add to its flexibility, the compact design of the M1 instrument makes it easy to move between measurement stations or other locations of interest.

Hot Disk M1 Specifications1

Sample Types Bulks, granules, powders, pastes, gels, and foams.
Anisotropy No.
One-Dimensional No.
Sample Dimensions
Smallest 10 mm thick x 40 mm wide (circle or square).
Largest Unlimited.
Sample Temperature Range 10°C to 40°C.
Core Instrument RT.
Measurement Time2 2.5 to 160 seconds (depending on sample material).
Measurement Range
Thermal Conductivity 0.03 to 40 W/m/K.
Thermal Diffusivity 0.1 to 20 mm²/s.
Thermal Effusivity 40 to 12500 W√s/m²/K.
Specific Heat Capacity 0.1 to 4.5 MJ/m³/K.
Measurement Accuracy
Thermal Conductivity Better than 5%.
Thermal Diffusivity Better than 10%.
Measurement Reproducibility3
Thermal Conductivity Typically better than 3%.
Thermal Diffusivity Typically better than 10%.
Measurement Repeatability4
Thermal Conductivity Typically 0.038% (Stainless Steel bulk sample and 22°C sample temperature).
Thermal Diffusivity Typically 0.21% (Stainless Steel bulk sample and 22°C sample temperature).
Measurement Sensitivity5
Temperature Typically 31 μK (Stainless Steel sample and 22°C sample temperature).
Meets ISO Standard 22007-2 Partly.
Measurement Modules
Included Isotropic and Single-Sided Testing.
Optional Automation.
Sensor Models
Kapton-insulated Hot Disk sensor Model 8563.
Instrument Environment
Operating 15°C to 30°C.
Storage -20°C to 45°C.
Instrument Line Power
Supply Voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz.
Power Consumption 18 W typical, 190 W maximum.
Instrument Warm-Up 1 hour to rated measurement performance.
Instrument Input and Output
Rear Panel RS232 connector (female) for connectivity or optional WiFi adaptor.
Front Panel LEMO 8 pin connector (female) for Hot Disk sensor.
Instrument Dimensions 105 mm high x 240 mm wide x 380 mm deep.
Instrument Weight 3.4 kg.
Instrument CE Marking Yes.
  1. Hot Disk AB reserves the right to make changes without prior notice, whether due to misprints, improved hardware, or extended software capabilities.↩︎
  2. Time of transient temperature reading. An additional temperature settling time that depends on the sample material and TCU (if applied) is required to ensure isothermal condition before the reading.↩︎
  3. Comparing measurements performed by different instrument set-ups.↩︎
  4. Variation in consecutive measurements performed by a single instrument set-up. Note that this value depends on sample material and sample temperature.↩︎
  5. Standard deviation in fitting ∆Τ(τ)-function to the transient temperature reading. Note that this value depends on sample material, sample temperature, and can vary considerably.↩︎

Included with the Hot Disk M1 instrument

  • Hot Disk® Desktop App software (latest version)
  • 2 x Measurement Modules: Isotropic and Single-Sided Testing.
  • 1 x Kapton-insulated Hot Disk sensor: Model 8563, with cable.
  • 1 x Stainless Steel verification bulk sample.
  • 1 x Single-sided background insulation (single-sided testing).
  • 1 x Room temperature sample platform.
  • Instructions manual.
  • Instrument test protocol.
  • Power supply cord and RS-232 to USB cable (RS-232 to WiFi adaptor optional).