A wide range of Hot Disk® instrument models is available for testing and measuring Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, Thermal Effusivity and Specific Heat Capacity following ISO 22007-2. While typically generous of measurement spectrum, our top-of-the-line instruments are unique in monitoring ultra-short transient temperature readings, thereby tackling sub-millimeter-thick samples and highly-thermal conducting materials, up to 1800 W/m/K. A further unique feature of our instrumentation is that it requires no external calibration. Our clients can confidently continue its employ, without worrying over the inconvenience of being obliged to return their instruments for re-calibration at regular intervals. Each Hot Disk instrument includes two LEMO connector ports: one for the relevant Hot Disk® sensor, and one for the optional PT-100 ambient temperature sensor.1 Please consult our interactive links below, to help determine which Hot Disk instrument is best suited to your intended applications and needs.

Measurement Modules

Hot Disk® instruments can be tailored to specific testing needs not only by the selection of sensors, but also by the wide range of measurement modules available. These modules allow for the testing of samples of special geometries, thermal conductivity ranges and material types. The Isotropic Module is the standard module for measuring bulk samples, and is included in all instruments.2 The add-on modules in turn extend the capabilities of your instrument, for example to tackle anisotropic-, slab-, or thin film samples. Based on long client experience, Hot Disk conveniently offers its clients clustered configurations along with many instrument models, via grouping several modules of related interest together, or by providing for the full available range. In effect, this means Hot Disk customers have the option of ordering several add-on modules at a quantity discount. Please contact your local Hot Disk sales representative for available cluster options.

Isotropic (Standard)

All-round testing of bulk samples

Our foundational and powerful Isotropic Measurement Module allows the Hot Disk® Instrument user to measure the Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, Thermal Effusivity and Specific Heat Capacity of any isotropic bulk sample, whether a solid, liquid, granule, powder, paste, gel, foam or insulator, with high accuracy. The Hot Disk® sensor is clamped between two identical sample pieces. Sample thickness ranges from several centimeters down to sub-millimeter format.

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

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Anisotropic (Add‑on)

Testing samples with direction dependent properties

With our add-on Anisotropic Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can measure the direction dependent Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, and Thermal Effusivity of an anisotropic sample, whether a crystalline or polycrystalline material, laminate, fiber material, adhesive, film stack, foil stack, insulator, etc. Samples with 2D or 3D anisotropy, i.e. of an uniaxial or biaxial medium, can be analyzed.

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

  • * Can handle samples with 3D anisotropy
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Slab (Add‑on)

Testing highly thermal conductive slab or sheet samples

With our add-on Slab Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can accurately measure the in-plane Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, and Thermal Effusivity of a highly thermal conductive slab or sheet sample. The slab or sheet can be a metal plate, graphite sheet or laminate, semiconductor wafer, silicone film, metal foil, etc. Sample thickness ranges from several millimeters down to micrometers.

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

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Thin Film (Add‑on)

Testing thermal insulating thin film samples

With our add-on Thin Film Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can easily measure the through-plane Thermal Conductivity of a thermal insulating film or coating, with thickness in the micrometer range. The film can be a plastic, paper, flexible glass etc., while the coating can be a sprayed polymer, sputtered dielectric, spin-coated ceramic, etc.

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

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Low-Density / Highly-Insulating (Add‑on)

Testing the lightest and most insulating samples

With our add-on Low-Density / Highly-Insulating Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can confidently measure the Thermal Conductivity of ultra-low thermal conducting materials such as aerogels. Applying special routines to carefully correct for the heat loss via the sensor leads during a measurement, samples with Thermal Conductivity as low as 0.01 W/mK can be determined with high accuracy.

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

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One-Dimensional (Add‑on)

Testing rod-like samples

With our add-on One-Dimensional Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can measure the through-plane Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, and Thermal Effusivity of a rod-like sample, with width down to 1.5 millimeters and length down to 4 millimeters. This module comes in handy when sample amounts are limited, for example regarding precious metal bars or ingots, graphite pellets, and spark-plasma-sintered materials.

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

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Structural Probe (Add‑on)

Identify defects and structural changes inside samples and components

With our add-on Structural Probe Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can measure the Thermal Conductivity as a function of depth into relevant samples, ranging from sub-millimeter up to plural centimeter formats. This unique capability offers a powerful tool for QC testing, as homogeneity, defect detection or analysis of inhomogeneous substances, inside a sample or component, can thus be tested non-destructively. Examples of components include rubber tires, brake pads, and graphite-epoxy structures.

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

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Single-Sided Testing (Add‑on)

Rapid production line QC testing

With our add-on Single-Sided Testing Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can measure the Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, Thermal Effusivity, and Specific Heat Capacity with high precision, while not being required to clamp the Hot Disk® sensor between two identical sample pieces. Instead the Hot Disk® sensor, together with a thermal insulating background support, is placed on the surface of a single sample piece or component. This allows for quick QC measurements of adequate precision at a production line assembly.

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

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Specific Heat Capacity (Add‑on)

Testing Cp of complex samples and batteries

With our add-on Specific Heat Capacity Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can directly measure the Specific Heat Capacity (Cp) of complex samples and components with high accuracy. These include solids with non-flat surfaces, components with largely varying sizes, liquids, and pastes. Further examples of components are batteries (button-, cylindrical-, prismatic-, and pouch-cell batteries). Precise measurements are conducted using our dedicated Cp cells (metal containers with a Hot Disk® sensor attached). Measurements without a Cp cell is also possible for bulk samples with high thermal conductivity (>5 W/mK)

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

  • * Only measurements without a Cp cell.
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Automation (Add‑on)

Remote-controlled testing

With our add-on Automation Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can fully remote-control measurements via the TCP/IP protocol. This module is an essential tool when using an instrument for QC testing in a sensitive production line assembly. It also comes in handy for situations when the operator does not have direct access to the instrument.

Works with Hot Disk® Instruments:

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Hot Disk® Sensors

Our patented Hot Disk® sensor is utilized for simultaneous transient heating and precise temperature reading. With a Nickel foil patterned as a double spiral at its core, the Hot Disk sensor comes in three different claddings – Kapton, Teflon, and Mica. This encapsulation accommodates the Hot Disk sensor for a vast range of ambient temperatures, environments, atmospheres and surrounding media. The use of Nickel sensor spirals allows for very sensitive temperature readings, while the cladding provides electrical insulation, mechanical stability and durability.

Our sensors with Kapton insulation are designed to operate up to 300 °C (or 400 °C in oxygen-free environment), while our Mica-insulated ones function in the 300 °C to 800 °C range (or 1000 °C in special cases). The Teflon-insulated sensors are in turn employed in acidic or corroding environments up to 250 °C.

Hot Disk sensors come in radii ranging from 0.5 mm to 30 mm. Thus, small samples of high density as well as large porous samples of low density can be tackled with high accuracy. Our sensors are available either with or without cable appendages. Cables are offered in various claddings to suit the measurements in question: gray polymer for <50 °C; red silicone for <180 °C; or with white ceramic ring coils for demanding scenarios up to 1000 °C. For cryogenic temperatures thin-diameter silicone-cladded cables are offered.

At temperatures above 500 °C, our Mica-insulated sensors must be considered perishables, and are hence offered in bulk. Analogously, our Teflon-insulated sensors allow for measurements in corrosive environments/media, with lifespans correspondlingly limited. Finally, our Kapton-insulated sensors, handled with care and stored appropriately, typically offer years of reliable operation.

Kapton-insulated Hot Disk® Sensor model 5501


Precision measurements up to 400 °C

Our Kapton-insulated sensors are the most versatile in the Hot Disk sensor portfolio, employed at temperatures from -238 °C (35 K) to 400 °C. They are mechanically highly flexible, and frequently attain a lifetime of several years when employed with care. The Kapton-insulated Hot Disk® sensors are available in seventeen models of different radii to date, catering to a wide range of sample sizes and topical applications.

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Teflon-insulated Hot Disk® Sensor model 5465


Coping with nasty samples and environments

Our Teflon-insulated sensors are mechanically flexible, geared toward liquid- or high-viscosity immersion and temperatures up to 250 °C. They are designed for use in extreme conditions, such as acidic or corroding environments, or with sticky and reactivate samples. The Teflon-insulated Hot Disk® sensors, today available in six smaller-radii models.

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Mica-insulated Hot Disk® Sensor model 4921


Tackling measurements at 1000 °C

Our Mica-insulated Hot Disk® sensors are mechanically inflexible, and designed for measurements at elevated temperatures, typically in the 300 °C to 1000 °C range. Coming in eight models of different radii to date, they are commonly more perishable at higher temperatures, while easily replaced and available in bulk.

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Hot Strip Sensors

Hot Disk® instruments and dedicated Hot Disk® sensors are now complemented with our Hot Strip sensors to further extend the flexibility and add new capabilities to our instrumentation. The design and basic function of the Hot Strip sensor is identical to the Hot Disk sensor, save that the Nickel foil is patterned in the form of vertical lines instead of shaping into a double spiral. Currently, the Hot Strip sensor comes in Kapton cladding, and can operate up to 300 °C (400 °C in vacuum or oxygen-free environment). It comes in widths and lengths ranging from 6.4 to 16 mm and 19 to 59 mm, respectively. Similarly to the regular Hot Disk sensors the Hot Strip sensors are available either with or without cable appendages, where the same cable cladding options are offered.

Kapton-insulated Hot Strip Sensors 101472 and 101474


Handling odd-shaped and limited-sized samples

  • New

While our Hot Disk® sensors can accommodate most measurement scenarios, our Hot Strip sensors can help tackle odd-shaped and/or limited-sized samples, e.g. rectangular slabs and rods with square cross-sections. Regarding anisotropic samples, Hot Strip sensors can be used to analyze the 3D Thermal Conductivity tensor of biaxial materials, whereas the Hot Disk sensors are limited to analyzing in-plane and through-plane Thermal Conductivity of uniaxial materials.

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To accommodate the testing needs of its clients, Hot Disk also offers a spectrum of accessories, either developed in-house or via trusted third parties. In this product category we offer solutions for temperature control via cryostats, liquid baths, convection-, muffle- and tubular furnaces. In addition, we arrange sensor-switch units for scenarios where multiple-point and uninterrupted measurements are required from a single Hot Disk® instrument working with multiple Hot Disk® sensors. We also offer a range of sample holders and sensor fixtures for all manner of sample geometries, types, and ambient temperatures. This as well as a wealth of practical items, such as spare sensor cables, extension cables with LEMO connectors, and PT-100 ambient temperature sensors. Hot Disk offers a selection of demo samples, including ones of stainless steel, crystal quartz, and PMMA. Finally, for measuring Specific Heat Capacity using our Specific Heat Capacity Measurement Module, we offer a range of Cp cells of different cell volumes and also the possibility to customise the cell volume.

Our Apps

Hot Disk® instruments come supplied with the Hot Disk® Desktop App, whose state-of-the-art, user-friendly software has been developed in-house over many years. The Desktop App is used for controlling the thermal transport properties measurements of our Hot Disk instruments. In tandem with this, the same App can also set the ambient temperature by way of our range of temperature-control accessories, such as furnaces and liquid baths. Furthermore, our Desktop App may be used to automize sensor rotation via an optional, sensor-switch unit accessory. As a companion to the Desktop App we also supply the Thermal Toolbox Mobile App for your smartphone. This Mobile App is packed with useful information and tools, such as an extensive materials database on thermal properties and a unit-conversion facilitator.

Hot Disk® Desktop App

The Desktop App controlling our Hot Disk instruments is a modular application. It allows for the optional add-on of a total of ten measurement modules for extended performance. The Desktop App convieniently allows for the scheduling of repeated measurements; automated measurements at different ambient temperatures; basic statistical analysis; and export of measurement data to xlsx- or txt-files. The Desktop App also integrates ambient temperature control and sensor shifting functionality with our temperature control and switch-unit accessories, respectively. We continuously develop and evolve our Desktop App to attain new functionality and range, and to improve it’s user experience.

We offer all our clients perennial free updates of the Hot Disk Desktop App, as long as the hardware is compatible. Please find the latest version as specified below:

Latest version: 7.5.17 (Released 2023-07-17)

Hardware requirements:

  • PC with USB port and operating system Microsoft Windows 7 or later.
  • Hot Disk instrument from year 2006 or later – specified by the first four digits in your instrument serial number.

If you are using an older version of the Desktop App, please feel free to request an update without charge via our Support Inquiries Form, or email to Mr. Anders Isacson ( Make sure to include your affiliation and the serial number of your Hot Disk instrument (found in the test protocol and on the back side of the instrument).

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Thermal Toolbox Mobile App

This is a convenient companion Mobile App for any Hot Disk Instrument user. It contains an extensive database of thermal transport properties of over a thousand materials; a paper database citing more than a thousand peer-reviewed scientific articles utilizing the TPS technique; and a tool for converting the units of relevant properties between different systems, e.g. metric to imperial. Finally, it provides easy access to more resources online.

The Thermal Toolbox Mobile App may be downloaded free of charge via Google Play (for Android users).

Training Sessions and Seminars

We have long offered our clients regular in-depth or customized Training Sessions and Seminars on-site at the Hot Disk Head Office in Gothenburg, Sweden. These courses are given by the Application Specialist staff at Hot Disk, having Ph.D. degrees and postdoctoral experience in the fields of Material Science or Physics. The Training Sessions are tailored to the specific needs and demands of the participants at each occasion. Today we also offer these Training Sessions and Seminars as online options (more of which below).

If you are interested in attending our training programs, please inquire via our Support Inquiries Form or email to Ms. Carina Jannesson ( with information of your affiliation, address and contact information, any specific application you would like to have presented or reviewed, and whether you are seeking an online or on-site option. Regarding scheduling of online sessions, we will strive to arrange our courses and seminars to segue with the location/time zones of our participants, to the furthest extent possible. Feel free to contact us or follow us on the Hot Disk LinkedIn page to receive the latest news of our current training programs.

During the initial course of the Covid pandemic, we decided to temporarily postpone our regular, on-site Training Sessions and Seminars at our Hot Disk Head Office in Gothenburg, Sweden. However, to meet the continued demand of our clients, we began offering exclusive (individual or group) Online Training Sessions and Online Seminars, by means of the Zoom, Teams and Webex streaming platforms. At present, with the covid pandemic showing signs of abating, we are looking forward to opening our doors to on-site Training Sessions and Seminars again. Simultaneously, in view of the proven popularity and convenience of our online sessions during the past couple of years, we also plan on continuing and indeed extending our online options to include dedicated as well as hybrid on-site/online events.

We recommend that students (i.e. M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates) successfully participating in one of our Training Sessions be awarded one (1) ECTS point.


At Hot Disk AB, we are proud of the quality and durability of our offered instruments and auxiliaries. As a standard feature and matter of course, we offer one year’s guarantee to all of our hardware components (standard-issue conditions and terms apply). This while our affiliated software is regularly updated free of charge; reflecting novel features, setup expansions and resolving of minor bugs. We also offer optional extensions of our instrument warranties, up to three calendar years. Please consult your local sales representative for relevant warranty quotes.


We offer our extant clients a range of instrument model upgrade options at favorable cost. This opportunity has been widely appreciated over the years. As laboratories grow and new applications ask for added performance and range, we are happy to accommodate our clients with suitable novel instrumentation. Configurations will be tailored precisely to your new circumstances and measurement wishes. Please contact your local Hot Disk representative regarding instrument upgrades.


As a result both of our successful upgrade program and the longevity of our instrumentation, we can to a limited extent offer new clients refurbished instruments at attractive prices. These come with full one-year guarantee, latest software, and new auxiliaries. Please inquire with your local representative as to current availability, or to queue for a specific instrument opportunity.

Contract Testing

Contract testing is often offered by our Distributors and Business Partners for their local markets. Regarding more challenging applications, clients are invited to inquire via the Support Inquiries Form with the Hot Disk AB Head Office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our Head Office has the full range of Hot Disk® instrumentation, temperature control accessories, and auxiliaries ready at hand. Our Application Specialist staff will consult contract testing clients carefully beforehand, and thereafter conduct the measurements according to agreed plan. Upon finishing the work, they will supply a comprehensive report, including sample description, relevant sensor model, instrument employed, accrued and tabulated measurement data, and finally an informed discussion of garnered results. Depending on the time constraints and volume in question, variations in the availability of contract testing may occur.