Hot Disk Announces New Distributors in the Americas

Anton | | Announcement

As of this February 1, reflecting its steady market growth despite pandemic constraints and shifting global financial outlooks, Hot Disk is proud to announce its new distributors in North and South America: Orton Ceramic of Ohio, and Barnett Technical Services of California.

Hot Disk is pleased to partner with Orton Ceramic of Westerville, Ohio, representing us in the Eastern USA, as well as Central- and South America. Founded in 1896 supplying pyrometric monitoring devices, Orton Ceramic today also offers Thermal Analytical Instruments and Material Testing services for measuring of thermal properties.

In turn as regards the Western USA and Canada, Hot Disk is happy to announce Barnett Technical Services as our new sales representative. Barnett Technical Services was founded in 2010 to provide consulting and training services for the analytical instrumentation industry. Today, Barnett Technical Services has evolved into a company also offering instrumentation from leading instrument manufacturers

For Barnett Technical Services and Orton Ceramic contact details, as well as more on their respective profiles via their URL:s, please consult our Hot Disk Contact page.